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Welcome to Crazy Cichlid Keepers!!
The newest & best fish-keeping forum on the Web, dedicated to helping fish-keepers of all experience levels. All our members are long-time fish-keepers, some w/ decades of experience. Got a problem with your fish, don't know what to do? Need to know how to properly care for that Oscar, Jaguar, or African cichlid you just bought? Want to understand how the nitrogen cycle works? Stop lurking around,register today & join our family! We'd love to have ya!!
374 13 Hello everyone
by Darth Nandopsis
Main Forum
A place for general discussion
3553 211 Water Change Day, how low do ...
by Darth Nandopsis
Forum Rules
A list of CCK rules
1 1 Rules of the Forum
by Darth Nandopsis
CCK Policy on hybrid cichlids 1 1 CCK Policy on hybrid cichlids
by Darth Nandopsis
And now a word from the team.....
Official CCK News & Announcements. Stuff dealing with the forum from the CCK team.
26 11 Happy New Year!!!
by Darth Nandopsis
Central American Cichlids
CA Articles
Discussion on keeping Central American Cichlids
3389 169 TETRACANTHUS...The Cuban cich...
by Danny dovii
South American Cichlids
SA Cichlid Articles
Discussion on species such as Oscars, Severums, Discus, Angelfish, etc.
by Danny dovii
African Cichlids
African Cichlid Articles
Discussion on Malawi, Tanganyikan, Victorian, & Riverine cichlids from Africa & Madagascar.
308 31 Need help with identification
by Tarheel96
Saltwater & Reef fish
Saltwater & Reef fish articles
The briny side.....all things oceanic!!
1 1 Warm water 'blob' may be rela...
by Luthien Tinuviel
Community Fish/Planted Tanks
Catfish, Rare & Unusual Fish, Community Fish/Planted tanks articles
Show us the Tetras, Barbs, all schooling species. Tips on plant propagation, etc.
2637 89 Puffers rule, cichlids drool
by dmd123
Tanks, filtration, lighting, heating
How To Cycle Your Aquarium Filters "Old School"
Proper size tanks for the fish you want to keep, filtration, etc.
2543 130 Seachem Tidal 110 HOB filter
by Darth Nandopsis
Fish Health/Medical Issues Questions
Got something going on, don't know what the hell that is? We will try to solve it for you.
1299 54 Ich that won't go away
by TylerDurden
Send us your pics!!
637 37 Photo of the Month rules
by TylerDurden
Product Testing
Have a canister filter that works great? Buy a HOB filter that is a piece of junk? Just buy a great lighting system? Put your review here!
15 2 Bug Bites, New insect based f...
by afishneedsabicycle
Off-Topic Discussion
Games, Lord Of The Rings/Tolkien thread, What's your poison?, Music, TV Shows & Movies
Talk about whatever lifts your kilt....please keep it civil. NO religious discussion or politics.
3081 205 Unable to Categorize
by Goranothos
The 10 Commandments of Cichlid Keeping 1 1 The 10 Commandments of Cichli...
by Darth Nandopsis
CCK Blog
Interesting articles/interviews. No religious/political/offensive material; ABSOLUTELY NO LINKS TO OTHER FISH-KEEPING FORUMS.
85 23 Fish in space....
by dmd123

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